Taiwan Big Cloud Switchboard

By 台灣大哥大

Taiwan Big Cloud SwitchboardTaiwan Big Cloud SwitchboardTaiwan Big Cloud SwitchboardTaiwan Big Cloud SwitchboardTaiwan Big Cloud Switchboard

Taiwan big cloud switchboard service ninety three there are three eighty four potential-exemption of exchanges, communication with ninety five rate saving fee see see ;%Eighty one industry vert, , seven,introduction of the ,Taiwan Big Cloud Switchboard service, can eliminate traditional switches, eliminating the annual high switch maintenance fees, four, and The two expensive calculation for replacing the switch is not only as vert, but in addition to the six for IP Phone desktop phones, five and mobile phones can also be installed with stations. The software and App of " one"big cloud switchboard", when there is an incoming call, two, IP Phone desktop phone, mobile phone, and computer, three will ring together, and employees can follow the current situation. Eighty five condition selection: three four combined with one device to answer, and call period, six two must be transferred to another device to call, not% Ninety four, hang on six and reload two. Just press and press key to transfer the call to other devices without interruption. The call is uninterrupted, five. The machine does not lose one, one, nine, and call function, station, one, big cloud switchboard, service, nine, more For the UC conference room, employees in the one industry can use IP Phone desktop phones, one mobile phones, one, six computers to open the UC three conference room and convene the meeting After entering three, you can start a video conference, and two can use the phone to use five, , five,UC, three, and share the desktop screen. Give five Six uses four power, five, four, and three. As long as the device is in hand, has a higher rate of five, every place eighty three can ninety eight will vert the room!

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