"League of Legends: Fighting Canyon"

By 台灣大哥大

"Heroes one alliance: fighting canyon" will play brightly, four extremes, five, action and battle, five, 's PC version " League of Legends PVP ninety four ninety seven, bringing mobile phones and home ninety four host platforms!

Welcome to "Fighting Canyon"! This one game play, five and the PC version, heroes, one, alliances, , are exactly the same, with 5 pairs of skills for two seven players 5 designed for battle. `` Fighting Canyon'' is `` two'' on the platform of five, and the work of six. You can download two from `` '' League of Legends 》In `` four many heroes, four, one, one''; with friends, the four team, work together to fight `` five seven opponents'' two

What you are familiar with is two four "British eighty four alliance" playing five

In the ninety nine section special Eighty two mobile phones and home consoles renewed the three. 's one. In the drama, the seven extremes, five, competitiveness and competition, are 5 pairs of five. 5Playing with five brings a sense of thorny . eighty one Choose you eighty four British eighty four eighty one dominates the canyon, and after eighty four , in a battle around 15-20 minutes ninety vert destroy five six Main Fortress two

One nine five full six four canyon

The exploration is based on the Summoning Canyon. On the 5 vs. 5 map of four that is familiar but new, four seven is simple and obvious. eight understands . How to play eighty two ninety four ninety s

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