ALIVE 2020


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  • Author:

    Team HC

  • Last Version:

    January 5, 2020

  • Publish Date:

    2020-01-12 12:23:17

The description of ALIVE 2020

ALIVE 2020 is a turn-based role-playing video game for Android with survival elements, created by the Korean developer Team HC. The player takes on the role of a robber who wants to stay alive, so in order not to die, he must collect objects, communicate with unpleasant personalities that personify a dangerous city. There is still the fact that people are not too friendly, because humanity has almost died out.

Everything happened suddenly when a young man woke up and saw that most of the population had simply disappeared. Many citizens are completely confused, however, instincts help to adapt, this is enough to live on. Uncontrolled robbery is taking place everywhere, and the main character is trying to help the government regain control. All that is needed is to survive and reach the end of the game.

Free download the game ALIVE 2020 for Android you can on our website.

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