AntVentor: Point and click puzzle adventure LITE

By LoopyMood

AntVentor: Point and click puzzle adventure LITEAntVentor: Point and click puzzle adventure LITEAntVentor: Point and click puzzle adventure LITEAntVentor: Point and click puzzle adventure LITEAntVentor: Point and click puzzle adventure LITE

This is a Free Demo of AntVentor - quick level and click quest game about one unordinary inventor-ant and his adventure in an amazing photorealistic Macroworld.

We are proud of our recreation awards and nominations:

ninety eight five Finalist - Google Play Indie Games - London 2019

ninety eight PAX Selection - PAX EAST - Boston 2019

★ Best recreation Art Winner - Indie Prize - Los Angeles 2018

ninety eight Best Storytelling Winner - Indie Game Cup - Prague 2018

ninety eight Critics Choice Winner - Indie Cup - Online 2018

★ Best Game Design Nominee - Indie Game Cup - Prague 2018

ninety eight Best Grand Prix Nominee - Indie Game Cup - Prague 2018

ninety eight five Best Game Art Nominee - Indie Game Cup - Prague 2018

eighty five Best Game Design Nominee - Indie Prize - Los Angeles 2018

ninety eight Best Visual Art Nominee - Play - Bilbao 2018

AntVentor is a curious journey game that places you in the position of a tiny ant with a big job to do.

Amazing storyline, with fascinating engaging quests, distinctive photorealistic macroworld graphics and good, mysterious duties will assure you lots of fun in this ABSOLUTELY point and click Quest sport!

AntVentor is the first brief chapter of the AntTrilogy sequence about an ant named Florantine and his unusual adventures in a photorealistic macroworld.

The main character is an inventor ant. Despite his small measurement, he has a huge dream - to see the world.

He lived a easy life, until you showed up, broke his mechanism and ruined his plans.

Point and click Quest sport refers to a type of journey recreation, in which the person interacts primarily with the mouse or any pointing system (be it a finger on mobile telephones) to proceed and move in the quest and journey.

All the sport is constructed round interactions with gadgets of the world.

Most parts of the game design part are to liberally use these possibilities, to make the participant find options to issues. Resolving them will make the adventure proceed. In a sense, point and click on Quest recreation is comparable to puzzle games.

Bored with infinite puzzles and without that means?

If you ever dreamed of feeling how is it to be an ant, meet and discover

The macroworld with its secrets and techniques and creatures and take pleasure in its natural setting than this recreation is extra than suited for you!

Download the AntVentor now, and start the ant journey quest! Just point and click!

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