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The description of AWAKENING

Awakening: The Story of Elizabeth - a fascinating, mysterious horror from the first person, with excellent graphics and a mesmerizing atmosphere for the Android and IOS platforms. The creators of the game thought through every detail, it's good sound effects, high-quality drawing of textures, convenient management, interesting quests and riddles, which are not so easy to untangle, amazing atmosphere of the surrounding world - all this definitely will not leave you indifferent! Everything is done to ensure that the player is completely immersed in the virtual reality of what is happening.

A dark ghost town full of secrets will be at least curious to those who by their nature are adventurers or just want to get a thrill. Probably, this atmosphere, the wind that walks through empty quarters, fog, strange rustles give some dose of adrenaline, sometimes not getting in life. Sometimes it seems that in this world, it's hard for us to surprise anything. However, at such moments, life presents such surprises, which you could hardly imagine. So with the main character of the game, George Turner, something similar happened. His way from work to home he knew far and wide, so he could get there with his eyes closed, perfectly anticipating every cracks or holes in the asphalt. But one day, returning home, on a painfully familiar route arose a city that George had never seen before. The city was absolutely empty, covered with darkness and frightened off by its sight all passing by. Where he took on his path remains a mystery, to solve which the main character is with you. The storyline begins with the fact that the main character moves home on his car, which suddenly runs out of petrol before entering the city. On the road sign you can read the inscription "Welcome to Elizabeth Town. Town of silence and peace ". This "city of peace and quiet" just will not let you relax for a minute. You have to find a gas station and get gasoline and try to leave from here.

Become a participant in this mystical and mysterious story, download the game Awakening: The Story of Elizabeth for free and open the veil of secrecy, which hides this darkness. Learn the history of this town and try to get out alive and unharmed from this nightmare.

It is worth noting that the game is in the process of updating and developing, as long as it includes only two chapters, at the end of which the creators promise us continuation.

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2018-08-08 13:32:47
Fixed minor bugs
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