Brave John

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Brave JohnBrave JohnBrave JohnBrave JohnBrave John


This is Brave John.

The service of ‘Brave John ninety nine for Europe has been terminated from May 10th, 2018.

We appreciated your issues and nice consideration.

We will comeback with higher sport and the service.


The world was in everlasting peace, till an unidentified monster opened the heart of the Demon King.

Now, John the Coward desires to defeat the Demonic Legion in order to save the world. Will he be profitable? Everything relies upon on you!

ninety six Brave John is a story driven, motion RPG. As the story progresses, you need to clear every stage a quantity of different methods, including quests, defense, and duels.

ninety six This game features a easy structure to be controlled easily with one hand. Confronting sturdy boss monsters will require great focus, of course.

■ If you need to study expertise, buy weapons, or change your job, go to the village square!

ninety six This recreation helps 4 languages including Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. Hopefully, we assist many more languages in the future!

■ Features 60 phases. you can enjoy first 12 phases for free.

ninety six Game data is saved domestically, if you delete app all your progress but buy is lost.

The world was in everlasting peace. Could this last?

Just wait and see. A new story unfolds before you.

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