Call Me Emperor

By Clicktouch Co., Ltd.

Call Me EmperorCall Me EmperorCall Me EmperorCall Me EmperorCall Me Emperor

Come and create your personal empire! You are an emperor/empress at the begin of the sport! It s time to expertise the completely different life of a monarch and stand out across the servers!

[Game Features]

[New Gorgeous Palace]

A complete improve of magnificent palaces, an absolute visible feast;

[Heroic Women Debut]

A gorgeous debut of new heroines, the constructing blocks of your empire;

[Share Family Time]

Romance and marry different beauties, have, increase, and prepare your babies;

[Recruit Great Talents]

Recruit and prepare your ministers to be excellent to strengthen your empire;

[Allied Nation PK]

Ally with other players across the servers and compete to be the chief;

[New Skin Upgrade]

New gorgeous clothes prepared for your monarch, consorts, and ministers.

If you like Call Me Emperor”, please contact us in the following methods. We are wanting forward to your useful advice and suggestions.

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Email: [email protected]

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