Caves (Roguelike)

By 36dev

Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)Caves (Roguelike)

A classical turn-primarily based roguelike* styled recreation, with pixel art graphics. The primary feature of the recreation are caves, that you can dig by way of using your pickaxe. Both magic and high technology go collectively here.

*From Wikipedia:

"Roguelike is a subgenre of RPG video games that are characterised by random stage technology, flip-based mostly gameplay, tile-based graphics, and permanent demise of the player-character."

Also features:

- Your own main base, with a cloning system and improve station

- Hightech armor with the functionality to select one of 5 special abilities

- Find sources and craft distinctive and highly effective items in a Crafting Station on your base

- Hordes of skeletons

- When I say hordes, I mean it. We even have a robotic-skeleton :-)

- You can make your unique character by selecting different stats

- Big, randomly generated areas to explore

- Many fascinating items

- A big weapons arsenal, from bows and daggers to plasma weapons and vitality swords

- Each weapon has it's own distinctive ability

- Comfortable controls

- Constantly updating

The sport is in early improvement and I am actively working on new content and gameplay parts.




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