CHOEAEDOL♡ – Kpop idol ranks

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CHOEAEDOL♡ – Kpop idol ranksCHOEAEDOL♡ – Kpop idol ranksCHOEAEDOL♡ – Kpop idol ranksCHOEAEDOL♡ – Kpop idol ranksCHOEAEDOL♡ – Kpop idol ranks

Ultimate K-Pop Idol app 'CHOEAEDOL'

- Vote for your bias by throwing hearts and rank your bias on the high. NO RANK MANIPULATION. Here, you can also talk with the fandom by sharing photographs or movies. Come and enjoy 'CHOEAEDOL'!

⏰Real time vote for K-Pop Idols.

- You can vote your hearts instantly to the idol or to the picture/video of that idol. The actual-time ranks are reflected accordingly.

- Every night time (KST), when the voting ends, the rankings are settled. And the rankings are renewed every day.

Don't miss out your idol's schedule!

- You can write in and share your idol's schedule.

- Share the schedule of your idol with your fandom, get a push alarm!

Support Fundraising Event!

- Join forces with the other fans, and hang a Subway advert, in-app banner, etc for your idol!

- Complete the fundraising of the help event.

ninety eight My Pick? CHOEAEDOL Pick!

- Participate in the numerous polls changing each week!

ex) A face genius idol?!

Idol face match: who are you related to?

- Who s the look-alike idol of yours? Share the end result to your pals.

Wiki! Everything about my idol.

- Show off your data about the idol here!

- Write down share all the info you have with different followers.

Real time chat 'Idol Talk .

- Chat with different followers about random stuff of your Idol.

CHOEAEDOL unique Banner Image!

- When the image uploaded in the community will get a lot of heart, it becomes your idol's profile picture proven on the app.

- You can make your own 'Banner picture (1:3 ratio laterally lengthy picture/gif) ninety nine on our app.

- Promote your own idol by making the most lovely picture individuals can appreciate.

Hall of Fame

- The day by day ranks will be reflected to the cumulative ranks in the Hall of fame.

- Make your idol rank larger each day and participate in the donation as nicely!

Donate with CHOEAEDOL!

- [Charity Angel] Donation made by the name of the idol whose accumulated every day rank is the highest during the month!

- [Charity Fairy] Donation made AGAIN in the title of the idol who obtained extra than 55,555,555 votes on the anniversary days like birthdays!

- [Miracle of the month] Hang a billboard ad in the Seoul Subway for Idol whom will get the most votes amongst the idols who had a birthday on the similar month.

[Inquiry and Info]

Inquiry: [email protected]




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