DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness-

By トイハウス

DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness-DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness-DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness-DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness-DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness-

An immortal man who draws the blood of the demon king. He was thrown into a dungeon the place many monsters reside.

Dungeons are not only horrific monsters. Suspicious lifeless, hidden traps, harmful treasure chests, you have to determine them. Can you use wisdom to survive in the dungeon?

Battle system

The battle is a card battle combining cards and battles! By combining and strengthening cards, you can win even robust monsters.

Original monster

More than 200 monsters will seem. Each has its personal distinctive assault. You can not beat them with energy alone. Use gadgets and skills to overcome the crisis!

Many item】

There are over 200 accessories and items. The expertise available depend on the kind of weapon, so discover the battle technique that fits you.

【Nurturing system】

Depending on how you develop up, you can make free character making, such as a warrior type that boasts energy, a magician sort that makes full use of magic, and a Martial artist sort that fights lightly with bare palms!

【Beautiful dot graphic

The famous graphic designer Ginoya is accountable for all the graphics of the sport. The dot graphic which reached the space of ​ art stimulates journey!

【Full loading parts ninety one

Weapons and armor can be strengthened. The battle will be advantageous as you continue strengthening!

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