dataDex - Pokédex for Pokémon

By talZz

dataDex - Pokédex for PokémondataDex - Pokédex for PokémondataDex - Pokédex for PokémondataDex - Pokédex for PokémondataDex - Pokédex for Pokémon

dataDex is an unofficial, superbly designed Pokédex app for everybody to use.

It accommodates detailed data on every single Pokémon, for every main collection game ever released, including Sword Shield and Isle of Armor DLC and Let's Go Pikachu Eevee!

Multi-language support:

- English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Hebrew

- Data solely: Japanese, Chinese


Use the Pokeball multi-button to simply search, filter and sort the Pokémon, Move, Ability, Item or Nature you're trying for!

Filter Pokémon by game model, generation and/or type to focus your outcomes!

dataDex also works OFFLINE, no web connection required.


A totally featured Pokédex that consists of detailed data on every single Pokémon.

Includes full entries, sorts, abilities, strikes and so much extra!

Team Builder (PRO function)

A fully featured Team Builder - create your Pokémon dream staff.

Choose a name, sport version and up to 6 Pokémon to get a full group analysis,

Including staff stats, sort relations and move type protection.

Tap any Pokémon in your celebration to customise even further with:

Nickname, gender, ability, strikes, degree, happiness, nature,

held item, stats, EVs, IVs and even your personal notes!

Location Dex

A absolutely featured Location Dex - Find out which Pokémon can be

caught in every location, by which technique, at what ranges and extra!

Move Dex

A record of all strikes from all games.

Filter moves by generation, sort and class!

Get the most essential information in a look, or faucet on a move to get even more data!

Learn what Pokémon can learn every move quickly!

Ability Dex

A list of all skills from all games.

Filter skills by generation!

Tap on a capacity to see all information!

Learn what Pokémon can have every ability!

Item Dex

A list of all items from all video games.

Tap on an item to see all knowledge!

Type Dex

Choose any combination of types to view its weaknesses and resistances!

Nature Dex

A listing of all out there natures.

Learn how each nature effect your Pokémon!

Favorites and Caught checklist

Easily mark any Pokémon as favourite or caught

for quick and useful managment of your assortment!


* Disclaimer *

dataDex is an unofficial, free fan made app and is NOT affiliated, endorsed or supported by Nintendo, GAME FREAK or The Pokémon company in any means.

Some images used in this app are copyrighted and are supported beneath truthful use.

Pokémon and Pokémon character names are emblems of Nintendo.

No copyright infringement meant.

Pokémon © 2002-2020 Pokémon. © 1995-2020 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

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