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The description of Day R Premium

The post-apocalyptic world is represented in the game Day R Premium, the unique atmosphere of the war years and the finding of mankind on the verge of extinction - all these qualities were combined in a unique game Day R Premium. In 1985, there was a terrible case and the USSR was defeated by an unknown enemy. At one point, the whole state was turned into a radioactive funnel, which contributed to the emergence of various abominable and terrifying mutants whose days were spent searching for food all over the former USSR. Fortunately, you manage to escape by some miracle and now you are completely left in your own hands, because it will only depend on you how long you will last in the radioactive desert, fighting not only with various enemies, but also with the usual for the person Needs that are now more difficult to satisfy. But you should never forget that you are not the only ones trying to survive, so just like you, you will need only supplies and weapons.

All important elements for life will be displayed on the right side of your monitor. Under "all that is needed" is the percentage of feelings of hunger and thirst of your character, the degree of blood loss (if any), fatigue and, of course, the level of contamination from radioactive radiation. Help to carry all supplies to you will be a backpack that will serve you as a true friend and will always be behind you. Under the display there will be a button that is responsible for the contents of the backpack. Clicking on it, you can always see what and in what quantities you currently have. From reality, there is little that protects you, so you also have to watch the weight of the transferred one, because with the overweight of your backpack your character will be noticeably slowed down in movements and you will simply need to get rid of unnecessary trash, leaving only the most important.

Settlements nearby, the exact location of your hero and much more you can find on a large map. Here it is important to remember that the level of radiation in cities is much greater than in small settlements, so avoiding them is a good option. But if you decide to take a chance and go into the city, then you can be extremely lucky, and you can find a large amount of food, weapons and much more.

The whole point of the game Day R Premium looks monotonous, because you have to always be in motion, so as not to find your character for certain death. But not everything is so simple, because once your game starts gaining momentum in the form of a campaign into the city, then you will have to forget about the monotony. Only cold tactics, courage and the desire to survive can help you. It will be much more likely to take your view of the indicators, because your character can die at any moment.

  Day R Premium is an excellent game in the genre of post apocalypse. Interesting task and a huge game world for learning will not let any player get bored. Download for free Day R Premium, overcome your fear and fight for life!

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