Deathtrap Dungeon Trilogy

By Nomad Games

Deathtrap Dungeon TrilogyDeathtrap Dungeon TrilogyDeathtrap Dungeon TrilogyDeathtrap Dungeon TrilogyDeathtrap Dungeon Trilogy

Play through three basic Fighting Fantasy gamebooks by author Ian Livingstone - Deathtrap Dungeon, Trial of Champions and Armies of Death.

Start as a novice adventurer and rise up by way of the ranks in these epic tales of deadly traps, fearsome monsters and devious adversaries. Relive these thrilling adventures in a entire new method ninety three by powering up your Skill and Luck dice and accumulating highly effective cards to help you on your quests. Featuring a detailed branching narrative system and a number of problem levels, relive these classic adventures like by no means before!

In Deathtrap Dungeon, step into the most deadly labyrinth of all... Countless adventurers before you have taken up the challenge, however none have survived. Devised by the devilish mind of Baron Sukumvit, the labyrinth is riddled with fiendish traps and hideous creatures of darkness to trick and take a look at you virtually past the limits of endurance!

The warped, twisted mind of Baron Sukumvit has utterly redesigned the lethal labyrinth of Fang. in The Trial of Champions, new traps and terrors, mazes and monsters await you at each turn. And even before you can enter the labyrinth, you must endure the gladiatorial video games of Lord Carnuss, the Baron's evil brother. Can you survive this trial of Champions?

In Armies of Death, Agglax the Shadow Demon is amassing an military of undead warriors to conquer Allansia and solely you can cease him! Commanding an military of over two hundred veteran fighters, you should journey east to meet the enemy head-on. But the Shadow Demon is not of this world and no mere mortal weapons will be enough to destroy him. You’ll need to act quickly, as the longer you spend looking for these powers the stronger he will be.

Features List -

● Officially licensed recreation based mostly on the multi-million selling Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

ninety seven A card-based RPG with Roguelike elements.

ninety seven A detailed branching narrative system ensures that no two games are ever the similar.

● Uses the traditional Skill/Stamina/Luck attributes from the gamebooks.

● Unlock monster playing cards in your Creature Codex.

ninety seven Earn XP and level-up your Skill Luck dice.

● Three difficulty levels.

ninety seven Take on highly effective beasts from the Fighting Fantasy world such as the Bloodbeast, the Pit Fiend and Agglax the Shadow Demon.

ninety seven Unlock character Titles based mostly on your selections.

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