DeepSeaGirl [Story of Ari]

By TabomSoft

DeepSeaGirl [Story of Ari]DeepSeaGirl [Story of Ari]DeepSeaGirl [Story of Ari]DeepSeaGirl [Story of Ari]DeepSeaGirl [Story of Ari]

A little woman that misplaced her mom in the aquarium

Strange issues are happening in the aquarium

The story that will be revealed from hidden messages and hints.

More selection of puzzles as nicely as increased issue

Memories' becoming increasingly extra vivid as you descend into the basement

What is really the truth?

Ari, who got here to the aquarium with her mother, becomes a stranded child after dropping her mom. Wandering around looking for her mom, Ari faces the surprising fact. And in that place…

▼ Tabomsoft's 2nd horror Adventure Game

Tabomsoft, which made impressive sport 'hide-and-seek' to the world, releases new recreation.

▼ Well made horror Adventure Game right from your smartphone!

You can clear up the story by utilizing a variety of objects and hints.

▼ A simple and clean interface

Although you've been felt uncomfortable with onerous-working RPG video games, this recreation will be simply gratifying.

▼ More variety of puzzles as properly as increased difficulty

You will feel nostalgic of older RPG video games via the dot's traditional kinds that are integrated inside.

▼ The truth that unfolds every time with each descent into the aquarium

Follow your ideas as you descend into the aquarium.

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