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DishPointer (Satellite FinderDishPointer (Satellite FinderDishPointer (Satellite FinderDishPointer (Satellite FinderDishPointer (Satellite Finder

DishPointer permits you to align your satellite tv for pc dish with great precision in a minimal of time thanks to augmented actuality.

Adjusting a dish has at all times been complicated. but thanks to DishPointer this task turns into youngster's play. By following the 9 steps of the utility, you will successfully install your dish in few minutes.

No more want for a gyroscope to use augmented reality. We have mixed the accelerometer and magnetometer data to compensate for the possible absence of the gyroscope. This allows the majority of smartphones to profit from augmented reality.

In DishPointer we have additionally built-in a module to calculate the magnetic declination and compensate the error between magnetic north and geographic north as a result of we have observed that the majority of smartphones do not combine this declination. This assist to show the right path

DishPointer is an application that lets you orient your dish or antenna to any satellite tv for pc. Thanks to the sensors of your smartphone (Compass, accelerometer) this software shows the target satellite in space in order to higher choose the location of your dish or antenna and to ensure the absence of any obstacle (wall, tree…).

DishPointer also uses GPS to show your location on a map and then show the path of the target satellite from your location.

The compass accompanied by a beep permits you to orient your antenna or satellite tv for pc dish by following the acceleration of the beeps and the arrow of the compass.

The accelerometer is used to check that the assist of your antenna or dish is vertical.

The steps for adjusting the antenna or the dish:

1- select your language

2- retrieving your GPS place routinely utilizing GPS or manually by coming into your latitude and longitude.

3- choose your goal satellite to calculate the orientation parameters of the antenna or the satellite dish.

4- verify that the support of your antenna or dish is vertical.

5- calculate the polarization and modify the rotation of the LNB (the head of your antenna or satellite dish)

6- modify the elevation

7- show of a line which indicates the orientation of the goal satellite tv for pc from your place on a Google Maps.

8- utilizing the compass of your smartphone accompanied by a beep to help you find the right direction of the satellite tv for pc (available in Pro model).

9- show the satellite in augmented actuality thanks to your camera and make sure that there is no impediment. This is used to validate the location of your antenna or dish (obtainable in the Pro version).

10- refine the settings.

For the app to work correctly, DishPointer will need the compass and the accelerometer from your smartphone.


- if your smartphone does not have a GPS, you can manually enter your latitude and longitude (you can get them on Google Maps).

- the compass is solely essential for the Pro version.

- do not hesitate to recalibrate the compass and keep away from approaching it too shut to the arm of the parabola as a result of it is sensitive to metallic elements. Try to place your smartphone where there is the least magnetic interference.

The free version of DishPointer is sufficient for you to install your dish. It will calculate the orientation parameters and show the precise direction of the satellite on a Maps map.

The Pro version presents you the use of augmented actuality to see the actual place of satellites in space. It additionally offers you with an assistant primarily based on the cellphone compass to show the actual direction of the target satellite tv for pc.

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