Doctor At Home

By Pacific P. Regmi

Doctor At HomeDoctor At HomeDoctor At HomeDoctor At Home

Doctor At Home is one of the best android app for quick, protected, and efficient remedy of greater than a hundred and ten ailments naturally. Using this app you can't solely remedy diseases at residence but additionally get the knowledge of different ailments like symptoms and causes. Learn to make use of natural herbs as medicine options.

Home therapy and natural remedy for abdomen, hair, skin, respiratory, circulatory, head, jaw and enamel, bone/joint, eye, and lots of different illnesses.


☞ Home Treatment (Natural Cure) for more than one hundred ten illnesses

☞ Quick search treatment/illnesses

☞ Diseases by categories

☞ Add to favorite

☞ Suggest diseases for pure therapy

☞ Share treatment to your friends and family

☞ Offline

Home doctor means you might be yourself a health care provider, we information you how to get well from illnesses with pure treatments. Following are the some treatments obtainable in this app.

☞ Home cures for cough

☞ Home remedies for constipation

☞ Home remedies for sore throat

☞ Home treatments for pain

☞ Dandruff residence remedies

☞ Stomach ulcer remedy at home

☞ Home remedies for diarrhea

☞ Ringworm residence treatment

☞ And more

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