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    White Door Games

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    July 16, 2018

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    2018-08-11 23:42:53

The description of Dreadhalls

Dreadhalls - the game is a horror movie so that you can relax and rest after all the troubles that have occurred over the day. Now you have to use all your needs and skills in order to try to meet the needs of every person as quickly as possible. Why not try to realize all your most amazing moments and just start exploring a huge dungeon in the center of which you are? Only carefully studying the room, trying to satisfy your interest and constantly trying to use the "stealth mode" is able to win and get out, running away from the multiple nightmares that are inside.

But, do not rush to rejoice, because these are only dreams. The future that is to be faced is not so pleasant and surprising as you imagine it. The prison is the largest labyrinth in the world and is able to surprise not only endless rooms, but also uneasy secrets. Solving all the problems and puzzles at each stage, you can move forward and try to interest others with their ability to use the intellect as efficiently as possible and cope with tasks of this level. Nerves will always be on the limit, and horrific music will make you distracted to detail, so that you can not concentrate on the main goal that is set before you and needs the fastest possible solution process. Only certain members of society will be able to cope with half of the proposed stages and overcome them with moderate mental effort. The rest will be quite difficult, because such a game mode will not interest them and make you think that it already has a lot of place in the modern world.

To cope with all the proposed levels and will be able to win only a few, but especially for these people the game has prepared a generous enough gift. Do you think that you have enough patience, endurance and strength in order to master such an intricate development? Then you only need to download Dreadhalls for free on your mobile device and start an uneasy process! Use every free minute for the passage process, because depending on the atmosphere of real life, at certain moments, the solution can be so simple. Good luck! And do not forget to look around, perhaps one of the answers is hidden there ...

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Whats new

2018-08-11 23:42:53
- Added beam pointer to controller for ease of interaction - Other minor adjustments
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