Drops: Learn Korean language and Hangul alphabet

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Drops: Learn Korean language and Hangul alphabetDrops: Learn Korean language and Hangul alphabetDrops: Learn Korean language and Hangul alphabetDrops: Learn Korean language and Hangul alphabetDrops: Learn Korean language and Hangul alphabet

What if ? Korean vocabulary learning would be a loopy fun sport as an alternative of boring memorisation drills? Drops makes Korean language studying an effortless enjoyable. Practical vocabulary is sure to your reminiscences via beautiful graphics and quick mini-video games.

The loopy half? You have only 5 minutes per day to study Korean. Might sound insane but works like allure! :)

These are the components of the secret sauce:

a hundred% illustrated: Pictures directly carry the meaning - you don’t have to use your native language at all! No intermediary. Faster, more effective and of course more fun for Korean studying course of! :)

5 min periods: limiting apply time sounds crazy however it it makes it extremely addictive - which is cool factor for studying. The barrier of entry is shut to zero so you can t have any excuses: you’ll have 5 minutes even on the busiest day!

Effortless play: We know why video games are fun and addictive and distilled the essence into Drops. The end result is a actually immersive expertise but it s not waste of your time while you play because you construct a valuable data.

⚡Quick: Keyboard typing is painfully gradual. Welcome fast swipes and taps! Especially for Korean vowels, and consonants.Trust us, you ll want those additional seconds throughout the quick learning session ;)

Vocabulary solely: Zero grammar, simply handpicked sensible words. That’s our focus and we do it extremely nicely. The app teaches the Korean “alphabet Hangul (hangoul) too!

Forge a habit: Drops wants to make you language learning addict. Effectiveness is nothing with out a nicely established behavior. We help you construct one!

We are extraordinarily proud of our pretty phrase pronunciations by seasoned voice talents!

Drops is free for casual learners: more than 2700 words in one hundred fifty subjects are all out there for everybody. Hardcore language learners can subscribe for premium to progress faster with limitless Korean language learning time.

Our goal is to empower folks of the world through language information by offering a special device that makes use of the universal language we all converse: photos.

p.s.: be cautious, this app actually can get you addicted to studying Korean language.


If you love Drops as a lot as we loved building it, please go away us a evaluate! :)

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

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