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The description of EA SPORTS UFC®

The game UFC from EA GAMES is just a breakthrough in the world of games on the android platform. The first thing I want to mention is of course the stunning graphics, for the first time I could not believe that on a weak, not expensive smartphone there could be such a good graphics, it was on an old smartphone that was on the same android I first saw the game UFC. Do not miss, be sure to download the UFC to android. Next, the game surprises with the number of real fighters who perform in the UFC. The appearance of the fighters is completely identical to the real characters, moreover, the developers have created the styles of combat as in real life. The interface was also excellent. Any fighter can be trained, namely, to develop shock equipment and improve the stalls. So the same fighters are updated and new ones are emerging.

Game modes are diverse and very exciting. Career mode is a ladder of two hundred fifty rivals, with each passed a dozen opponents the level of opposition of your rivals is growing. So, for every victory you are credited with the silver due to which you can train your fighters. There are also gold coins in the game that are taken for real money, for gold coins you can buy fighters of limited edition and training kits. So in the game there is a mode of equal play for passing that you get not silver coins, but boxes for training, so the same mode of play reveals the fighters of the limited edition. I will repeat one more time, for those who have not yet tried this game in person: necessarily download UFC on android.Esche I would like to note the conduct of combat in this game, when the battle is going you have to hit the opponent that would earn special techniques in the rack and ground floor.

But you always need to be on the alert one hundred percent, not to get on a crazy opponent's blow and not to be knocked down. The same game takes into account the skills of fighters of champions, for example there is a certain fighter, he is a champion and his boxing style, his boxing skills are marked with special badges and using a special boxing technique you can immediately send an opponent to knockout, with one blow.

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2018-06-03 21:46:57
Hey, fight fans! We’ve made some updates outside of the Octagon® to improve your gameplay experience. Thanks for playing EA SPORTS™ UFC®.
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