Epic Mine

By Black Temple

Epic MineEpic MineEpic MineEpic MineEpic Mine

Your mission is to dig all the method to the center of the Earth and save your bearded pals from terrible catastrophe. But... wait! What is watching out there in the darkish Get the TNT ASAP!

ninety nine The deeepest mine in the world

How to smelt bismuth? How to find diamonds? Which pickaxe is better? The dworfs from old village is here to assist you to be taught the ropes of minecraft.

ninety nine Simple and enjoyable gameplay

• Play simple with solely one hand! Finger-tip control

• Explore deserted (it's not for positive) mines and catacombs

Find treasure chests

• Collect pickaxes! 50 pieces, simply assume of it

Defeat bosses!

• Upgrade your talents!

Physical destruction of partitions

The partitions can be damaged utilizing a pickaxe, dynamited, dissolved in acid, melted and frozen with magic. Main thing is that the flying rocks of the partitions can drop useful resources.

In this sport you're going to correctly organize the smelting of assets to promote at a revenue. Keep in thoughts that sources is additionally wanted to improve your skills! Your good response is very valuable talent in this recreation, however your capability to earn money coupled with patience and intellect is essential as nicely.

What is trapped inside the Earth? The Hell? Only Devil knows. And everybody, who pass the Epic Mine to the finish.

We actually hope you like our game!

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