Evolution Galaxy - Mutant Creature Planets Game

By Tapps Games

Evolution Galaxy - Mutant Creature Planets GameEvolution Galaxy - Mutant Creature Planets GameEvolution Galaxy - Mutant Creature Planets GameEvolution Galaxy - Mutant Creature Planets GameEvolution Galaxy - Mutant Creature Planets Game

You’ve helped countless mutant creatures evolve in water, land and house. Now, it s time to go GALACTIC and use the power of the monster maker 2.9!

This is Evolution like you’ve never seen before in a space recreation simulator!

From the starting, despatched your creativity to space in this engrossing clicker game and become the greatest mutant maker.

Have enjoyable in this charming area recreation simulator and discover all the mysteries of galaxy. And when you discover planets inhabited by different mutant creatures, use the know-how recognized throughout the space as monster maker 2.9 to mix them to obtain their ultimate forms in a new kind of Evolution simulator game!

Enjoy the geniality of an evolution simulator and the easiness of a clicker gamer and merge many totally different animal species in an ever-increasing universe!

And after tamperi...er...serving to with the progression of so many worlds in this area sport, you, as a mutant maker master in the use of the monster maker 2.9, will finally discover out the reply of a very old question: what s past the galaxies in the universe? We honestly have no clue, but there will be a clicker sport for that too!


Different planets in a huge house recreation simulator: use the monster maker 2.9 technology to mix mutant creatures in fox, rabbit and sloth-themed worlds, with even more coming to inhabit this enjoyable house game!

Meet the gods in area: in this r-Evolucion-ary click gamer, beings of galactic awesomeness are waiting to be found by a creative mutant maker like yourself!

Impostors: watch out for impostors making an attempt to steal the highlight from the creatures!


Drag and drop similar creatures to create new mysterious mutants and be recognized as the ultimate mutant maker in this house recreation.

Use creature eggs to earn cash, buy new creatures and make even more cash to discover the space and unleash all the power of the monster maker 2.9 expertise

Alternatively, fiercely faucet a creature to make coins pop from their eggs. It s the fun of a clicker recreation within an involving house sport!


A enjoyable house game with totally different levels

Many creature species to discover so you can become the best mutant maker in house

An area sport simulator with a thoughts-blowing story and fantastical twists!

The unexpected combine of dynamics from a creature evolution simulator and the incremental from a clicker video games

Doodle-like illustrations that make this evolution simulator even extra immersive

Evolution simulator with open ended gameplay: enjoy the freedom!

No creatures combined with the energy from the monster maker 2.9 were harmed in the making of this game, only developers

Did you say serving to the galaxy evolve is a tacky dream?

Well that’s a very MILKY WAY to look at issues, young one!

Use the monster maker 2.9 expertise and increase the quantity of creatures living in this continually evolving house game!

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