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Fear dissolveFear dissolveFear dissolveFear dissolveFear dissolve

Are you plagued by fear? Are you blocked in certain areas? Do you endure from inside restlessness or pressure?

Welcome to THE toolbox for all fears!

In this app, you ll discover the world’s first digital therapist(!), who will dissolve your fears/anxieties! The therapist will information you interactively via the whole session and not solely dissolve your fears/anxieties however also suppressed fears/anxieties and unfavorable cognitions/beliefs!

Yes, it dissolves EVERY concern/anxiety! Of course, you can dissolve each phobia with it too!

All methods of this app work according to the proven method of cognitive remedy.

All strategies have the benefit that they do not confront the concern through the mind! The confrontation is superfluous; the rigidity/strain is instantly decreased. You do not get into a confronting scenario! Therefore, you no longer want to fear therapy. That means that you can do it alone/comfortably at house. At the identical time, it is an glorious focus train.

The methods are:

☆…simple. They can be used by anybody with out any prior data or expertise.

☆… in the right here and now. They work with out a journey into the past, analysis or “reappraisal” of your personal historical past!

☆ 100% thorough and everlasting.

☆…old and proven. They are primarily based on many years-old strategies that have proven themselves a million occasions over.

ninety eight effective without additional processing. The methods dissolve a suppressed fear/anxiety in simply one session. No repetition or additional processing is required. Cognitions (beliefs are also dissolved in one session with out the ordinary repetition (affirmations)).

ninety eight fast. We have a number of strategies with different speeds.

When you purchase the app, you will get 2 weeks' help.

Additionally, in this app you will find:

☆ background information about fears/anxieties, suppression and cognition.

ninety eight strategies...to verify yourself for suppressed fears/anxieties and uncover these you are unaware of.

The app is:

ninety eight easy to understand - no data wanted.

☆ comfy to manage (also with speech output).

☆ offline

ninety eight no data gathering

☆ no advertisements

Note: This is not for individuals struggling from psychoses, schizophrenia, neurotic issues or comparable.

Just begin now. It is a lot simpler than you think.

Dissolving fears feels so good that you will immediately need to do it once more.

“Man s greatest happiness is liberation from concern. Walther Rathenau, (1867 – 1922), politician, writer, industrialist and (German) Reich overseas minister 1922

You can use the app for your whole lifetime. Without additional prices. You can work with the app on any subject in depth!

Buy the app now and begin dissolving fears!

"The finest fear therapy, comfortably from residence."

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