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The description of FIFA Soccer

Continuation of the cult game series from the well-known company Electronic Arts. FIFA is a sports simulator, first released back in 1993, the first game of the series was called FIFA International Soccer. FIFA Mobile itself was released on October 11, 2016, under a very promising slogan: "Quick, Fun & Accessible", "Quick, Fun and Accessible." It is not difficult to guess, based on the name of the project, the game is released only on mobile devices. You can download the game FIFA Mobile for Android on our site!


It is worth starting our review with the most important aspect of any sports simulator, with gameplay. The game begins with the fact that players are allowed to choose the league and its logo. Which, by the way, does not affect the characteristics at all. Further, after training, without which it was possible and do without, you get directly into the game itself, where you can already start to play games and complete tasks. Sounds easy, right? Yes, that's what it sounds like. Knowing EA, there is no doubt about the presence of microtransactions. This can be devoted to a separate chapter of the review, but who just did not razmusolival this topic. No, of course it is quite possible to play without Donat, he is not as intrusive as in the same Star Wars: BattleFront II. As for the gameplay itself: You can not take control of your players, everything on the screen is happening on the machine, you can watch what is happening. But, in spite of this, players will still be given the opportunity to influence the course of events. As soon as your character (Any) reaches the goal of the opposing team, you must score a goal yourself. This is the whole gameplay. Also, it is possible to upgrade the players themselves, by performing tasks, or, you know, donat. I also want to say about the mode, which, according to EA, is the base one for FIFA Mobile - Attack Mode, where you build a strategy for your team, against the opposing team, then the AI ​​does everything by itself. And what is the whole gusto of this mode? The game against real players is a significant plus. Also, only in this mode they give us control over the players. The main objective of the regime is extremely clear - you have to score more goals than your opponent, which, I repeat, is a real player. Since I started talking about the modes, I want to mention the Season Mode, which opens when the player reaches 8th level. Mode is more difficult, and more close to real football. Not for casuals. In it, you can take part in rating games.

About player cards

Maps, how can Electronic Arts do without them? Paku cards To get a player card, you can not just take it and buy it in the store, no. You have to buy a whole pack for in-game currency. So what? I after all can earn it and beat out to myself a strong team! As if not so. The chance of a drop of common garbage is much higher than the drop of really strong cards. Yes, you can grind and buy cards, while other players make their way to the top of the rating by donating to these same packs. But still, you can build a good team, it all depends on the amount of time you play, or rather, how much you can afford. And, directly, your luck.

Surprisingly, the game does not crash, does not podlagivaet, and in general, the picture itself is quite high quality. Intuitive control and ... everything, this is where the pluses end. Yes, this game could be much better if it were not for the all-consuming Donath and randomly dropping players. Seriously, it's really hard to win without him. In general, I want to say you can play, if you have absolutely nothing to do. Or nowhere to put your money. The game didn’t become what the fans of the series dreamed about, but perhaps with the upcoming updates, the game may become better than it is now. We are waiting for updates from the developers.
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