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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is a classic role-playing action movie with elements of Action and strategy, which continues the FINAL FANTASY line, so loved by a huge number of users from around the world. Initially, the game had the name SQUARE ENIX, which was intended for a global audience, but was later renamed.

In this MMORPG player will play three characters. The story begins when the young knights Rhine and Laswell, fulfilling the instructions of their order, are sent to the place of their task. As often happens in games of this genre, on the way they are attacked, after the heroes defeat the attackers, an unusual crystal appears in the air, inside of which is a girl. After she was released, she asks her to help, the heroes unfold their ship and head to the Temple of Earth, where they fight evil enemies, find a mysterious prophecy and a threat to all of humanity.

According to the plot conceived by the writers of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, these characters will repeatedly meet on their way various characters from other parts of the Final Fantasy series. It can also be noted that this game is similar in its gameplay to the MMORPG Brave Frontier. In general, this is a completely new game, the characters of which are made in compliance with the classic style FINAL FANTASY. The developers also suggest that over time, characters from NieR: Automata will appear in the game.

The game has a lot of innovations that will delight gamers on smartphones.


The game has stunning graphics, as well as an interesting and dynamic gameplay.

In FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS a large number of different characters with the possibility of their upgrade and the addition of different equipment.

In combat, the alignment of troops is standard for games of this type - on the left, on the right, the enemy. Troops can be given away various auras, such as increasing an attack, lowering defense, or simply healing.

This is a very interesting 2D project, the movement of players in it is carried out by the side scrolling type, each mission in this game universe is an unknown mysterious labyrinth in which there is a great variety of different roads and paths, and they do not always lead where necessary can lead a player to some kind of dead end in which scary monsters live, or vice versa, lead to a valuable reward.

It is worth noting the scenic area, very beautiful abandoned temples and destroyed villages. Search for artifacts in the fields, temples and creepy dungeons! Heroes of the game travel through the fields and dungeons to search for valuable objects, hidden from the eyes of the paths of movement, they are also looking for new routes to their goal.

In cities and villages, you can talk to people for new assignments.

In the game you can conduct interactive battles with friends and players from around the world. You must click on the appropriate link on the screen to activate them. Fight in the arena for PvP battles. The game also has daily bonuses for entry. If you enter the game 28 days in a row, you can get a very rare character. Think over your tactics and strategy, from the many abilities of the heroes and defeat your opponents strategically and tactically. In this game, the prizes from the FINAL FANTASY game series have high-quality CG animation.

  The game is a worthy continuation of the FINAL FANTASY line, it will deliver a lot of pleasant hours just to players, as well as fans of this series. Download FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS game for Android on our website! Defeat other players, look for treasures and artifacts, upgrade characters and heroes. Become a champion!

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