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The description of Find The Differences - The Detective

Find The Differences World - The Detective needs your great attention to detail. Download Find The Differences - The Detective for Android game on our website to enter the dangerous crime-fighting world in which you will search crime scenes to find evidence that will lead you to the originator of every heinous crime. This deceptively simple game developed by Fastone Games will become a bit more difficult with every unfaithful spouse and robber the player exposes. Given the limited amount of time, you will need to find a certain amount of evidence by analyzing photos from the crime scene. Look for differences to find clues and find the culprit. Pass more than 1000 various difficult puzzles, solving more than 20 various crimes.

The easiest detective work

It seems so on the first level. In each level you need to find from 3 to 5 differences between the two images. Just click on one of the two images in the area where you see the difference. When a player finds them all, he can go to the next level. If you do not see the differences, you can use the tips. They will show you where the differences are. But they are limited in quantity, and when a player uses them all up, he will remain one-on-one.

  How to play

1. First make a general inspection of the room and try to find something obvious.

2. Then compare each item one by one.

3. Don't forget to look at all the small details in the room. For example, the door knob, headboard, chandelier - on the initial levels you should have enough time to slowly inspect the entire room, but if you need a hint, just click on the light bulb.

Divide and conquer

The seeming simplicity of the game can fool the player: you can easily find items that seem strange, but what about tiny details? You have to follow the progress of the game, because such trifles as a light switch in the on, not in the off position, are easy to miss. The best advice to watch out for is to view the scene as smaller pieces of the whole. Thus, for example, in the bathroom scene, do not be distracted by all the details; instead, choose a smaller area, for example, a bath. Now you can focus on one part of the scene at a time, it makes it easier to view the differences if you are looking methodically. When more challenging levels appear in the game with more patterns and distractions, this method will save time.

Life and money

After completing each task, the player is paid fairly well, and this money can come in handy later in the game if he needs lives. The player starts with five lives, and gets one after each update with a period of 10 minutes or after buying for $ 1000 of money earned. You have enough time to find all the differences, but accidentally pressing will lead to a significant loss of time - 30 seconds of the total time, so click only when you are sure. Tips are given in the game for free, but in exchange for viewing ads.

Sudden change of rules

Once you have mastered the art of seeing a smaller picture, you must quickly adapt to the new rules. Early levels have only differences of missing or additional items. However, after the first few successful incidents, the difference can be anything. The object may be directed in the opposite direction from the other image, or in one case the mop handle was slightly longer. If you are stuck on a level, pay close attention to patterned areas, trees and reflections. Do not let your eyes ignore boring everyday objects, and you will find everything you need.

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