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The description of Fortnite - Battle Royale

Battle Royale No1 is now on mobile devices running Android and IOs.

Battle Royale - a world-famous type of games, which in a matter of time became one of the most, if not the most popular among the multiplayer. Fortnite can rightly be considered the best of its kind. In our case, a hundred people get together, but not as friends, but as inveterate enemies, and try to survive in a cruel world, killing each other for one purpose - to remain the last survivor and to take the title of champion. Each new rink will not look like the previous one, because a single person constantly brings something unique to the gameplay, it's impossible to repeat.

In Fortnite, you can play alone or join squads with friends from two to four people, or random players around the world to arrange a real madness on the battlefield and have fun with the soul. No one is limited in actions: destroy, build, kill and conquer. Each player can choose his style: be aggressive and fearless, become tactful and careful or hide in the corner and wait for his victims for hours. The main thing is to survive and remain the last of a hundred players. By the way, the game zone is narrowing all the time, so it is not possible to hide in one place for a long time. And why, to be active much more fun, is not it?

Fortnite for mobile devices is the same game as you know it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac, but now you can take it with you. Play everywhere: at home, in a cafe, in a subway or bus, at school or at work, in your hometown and on trips - Battle Royale No1 is always at hand and it's convenient! All you need to start playing is an internet connection.

The player has many opportunities:

Build and destroy.

- Perfect the battlefield the way you want: build a fortification of brick and iron, or deal with architecture and recreate the unique buildings of past years on your mobile. And maybe you always wanted to destroy? In Fortnite, there is a lesson for those like you! Here you can cut down as much as a hectare of forest and no one will sue you. Or to demolish an entire village, and it will be humane, because no one lives in it. Of course, if you manage to do this before you hit your head.


 - By the way about knocking the heads. To this end, Fortnite provides many weapons: rockets, machine guns, pistols, revolvers, pickaxes and sniper rifles - all this is freely available, you only need to find it. Pick up and kill, kill and loot, loot and kill again. By the way, we have traps, do not please one of these, and better, put someone on the spikes. But be careful, do not forget about the traps that he put himself, so as not to get trapped.


 -Game Fortnite Battle Royale does not stand still and is regularly updated to keep players on their toes and warm up their interest. New game modes, crazy and serious skins, replenishing types of weapons and items. Just a couple of months ago, only a few species of ghans were available, and today a wide variety of firearms and not only weapons is available. You do not have to be bored, the developers are replenishing their offspring with a new portion of madness every week. From such a lot of fun you can go crazy, but you hold on.


 "It's fun to play alone, but it's much more interesting to get your friends together and team up and together to win over twenty-five other squads." Attach your boss or teacher to Fortnite and play even during class or at work, of course, if you are not a policeman or doctor, then not worth it.

Download the game Fortnite Battle Royale absolutely free right now on your device: Android or IOsl. Just one click separates you from the sea of positive, cheerful madness and good mood, which will always be at hand.

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