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The description of Garena Contra Returns

A new side-scroll shooter for the Android platform Garena Contra Returns has appeared. This game continues the legendary and so beloved series of Contra shooters. This is the same Contra that was played by a very large number of people, both children and adults, in the 90s. The game is primarily remembered by all of us for its complexity and diversity of game levels. The new part of the cult game is called Garena Contra Returns. The game will provide an opportunity to play for two cool guys. As before, we play a tough and ambitious guy named Bill.

The history of the game Garena Contra Returns develops back in the year 2638. An unknown space object has approached our planet. The object spawned many dark areas. A little later, the heroes find the laboratory of Dr. Mandreyk. Since then, zombies have settled all dark areas and declared war on all of humanity.

The game also provides a quality online game mode. Where the player and his friends can fight each other in different game modes, in particular 3x3 or 1x1. The player expects a large variety of game characters, which differ from each other by different skill sets, stamina, attack power and other things.

The new part of Garena Contra Returns contains revised soundtracks from the old version of Contra. This music helps to feel a pleasant feeling of nostalgia and mentally return to the game era of the 90s.

Enemies, in some places, have become even stronger than before. Quite often you can see other elements that migrated from the first versions of Contra. This is reflected in everything, both in the choice of game levels of the game, and in bosses, in many other elements of the game.

The new part of Garena Contra Returns can be downloaded for free on our website! An avid gamer will feel an advantage in the form of modern graphics, 3D image of characters on the screen, as well as good character animation. Immerse yourself in the world of brutal PVP battles, command modes, go through the whole storyline and destroy all the bosses.

The game also has two PVE modes - normal and underwater. From now on, the main character can aim at any angle and move without changing the direction for the attack. In your arsenal will be available two types of firearms and the ability to have two skills at once. In addition, it is possible to cause additional help. You will feel what a real Action is! You have to go through and destroy the hordes of plague zombies, aliens, and even fight with the former commander! All this you can feel by downloading this game industry masterpiece on our website for free! The result: it became even more interesting to play thanks to the modern view of the fighting classics, which we have loved since childhood.

  Every person who is fond of the gaming industry, or even just starting his way gamer, simply must at least try to run this game for Android. Especially enjoy the game Garena Contra Returns for the so-called old school gamers (old school players), who remember this game from its first versions. We strongly recommend trying to plunge into this immortal classic.

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