Great Battles Medieval

By Slitherine

Great Battles MedievalGreat Battles MedievalGreat Battles MedievalGreat Battles MedievalGreat Battles Medieval

‘These are my battlefields. And I will battle for my men, for my king and for my country ninety nine

Now out there on all Android devices!

This is the Hundred Years War. Each man should stand tall. Each man s mettle will be tested. But amongst all men there are leaders, there are these who will not be cowed. Can you be that leader? In this epic technique RPG you will lead your military through the best of medieval wars and make history live again.

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Free kind quest map that permits players to resolve when and where to fight within a historical framework.

More than 20 totally different models all accurately researched and fastidiously modeled in amazing element.

Almost infinite number of tools combos.

Specialise your squads with over one hundred distinctive skills.

Play as the English underneath the Black Prince.

Innovative Battle Card system that gives bonuses and penalties in battle.

The most detailed and sensible medieval fight model ever created.

Story films created from lots of of hours of the TV channel HISTORY eighty four library combined with in game engine footage.

Additional content out there consists of a full French campaign, Mercenary Swiss Pikeman, Mercenary Genoese Crossbowmen and even some cheats!

Integrated with Immersion Tactile Effects

Supports MOGA controller

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