Hero Factory - Idle Factory Manager Tycoon

By PlayHard.Lab

Hero Factory - Idle Factory Manager TycoonHero Factory - Idle Factory Manager TycoonHero Factory - Idle Factory Manager TycoonHero Factory - Idle Factory Manager TycoonHero Factory - Idle Factory Manager Tycoon

***New characteristic : Boss Raid Updates!

Dive into the epic world of Hero Factory and unstop the huge hero production from your personal factories to challenge highly effective bosses.

Dispatch your heroes from the factories to hunt epic enemies down and earn lots of golds to become a wealthy sufficient to broaden your hero production strains.

Various sorts of epic weapons and helmets! Collect distinctive objects and uncover new epic gear combos to outline your own hero type.

Merge an enchant stone and make your items more epic and powerful for the heroes

Collect golds from the monsters and improve the hero factories for stronger heroes.

Customize your heroes with epic skins and merge them into a united team.

Hero Factory is an easy-to-play idle tycoon RPG the place you can experience incomparable pleasure by managing your heroes and factories to stand towards the enemies. Upgrade your heroes and factories with enchant stones and golds to create stronger army and send them to the battlefield for more epic rewards.

Download for free right now and begin to make your own heroes and factories!

★ Hero Factory Features ★

* Various sorts of Heroes from different factories

Swashbuckler, Hunting Queen, Dagger, Witch, Axe King, Gunslinger and extra heroes

* Strategical sport play on the battlefield

Strategically choose and use powerful abilities to achieve a victory in the battle

* Managing and Enhancing Your Heroes and factories

Go on holidays numerous occasions to enhance your heroes stats and the manufacturing unit manufacturing

* Tile-matching Mini-merge recreation

Merge enchant stones to find out more mysterious and powerful stones to improve your heroes and gears

* Exciting Adventure

Explore Infinite epic battles all through the journey with your heroes and get hold of enormous rewards

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