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HotSchedules LogbookHotSchedules LogbookHotSchedules LogbookHotSchedules Logbook

How Shifts Get Done

HotSchedules Logbook keeps all of your duties, upkeep notes and even personnel issues in one central location. Designed for the shift manager who desires to keep related to their staff and keep everyone on task, the Logbook features day by day shift notes, line checks, calendars, and contacts. ​ Choose from over 70 pre-designed activity lists or build your own to meet the needs of the operation. The cell app makes it fast and easy to assign duties or comply with-ups, verify in on completion progress, even add a picture instantly from your device. Get it as a companion to our main workforce scheduling app or as a stand-alone, report-preserving software that can be managed on-the-go.

NOTE: The Logbook App by HotSchedules REQUIRES a legitimate Logbook user account and registered Logbook Product through your EMPLOYER.

Managers love these Logbook options:

Store Logs - A day by day digital time sure configurable log to facilitate open and continuous shift-to-shift communication between managers around shift happenings (Daily Log) or workers performance (Staff Journal).

ToDos - Focuses on tasks that cannot be quantified or managed in task list kind, but are necessary for successful operations management.

Contacts - An efficient, categorized list of corporate, management, and vendor contacts.

Task Lists - Pre-designed and customized task lists drive finest practices, consistency, and compliance in actual-time.

Events - Keeps dates and occasions at a person’s fingertips to better permit for greatest actual-time decisions.

Library - A repository for paperwork that are essential to ongoing business operations.

Oh, and it is actually enjoyable to use!

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