Satellite dish installation


Satellite dish installationSatellite dish installation

Quick and easy installation of your satellite dish pointed at ASTRA 19.2 ° East.

The% eighty application Astra is the% eighty the ideal tool to accompany you through the steps of installation and pointing of your individual dish. It gives you the procedure for installing your satellite antenna yourself. It calculates the settings and provides you with the information you need at each step for quick and easy installation. Don t% eighty wait, download the% eighty application now!

Step 1: Geolocation

Step 2: Location of the satellite tv for pc

Step three: Fixing the mast of the dish

Step four: Adjusting the% eighty elevation

Step 5: Adjusting the azimuth

Step 6: Adjusting the tilt

Who we are us?

The number 1 direct satellite TV for pc reception in France.

6 hundreds of thousands of households watch television with a satellite dish oriented on ASTRA 19, 2 ° East.

They benefit from the widest choice of French and international televisions and radios: TNTSAT free TNT by satellite tv for pc or offers by CANAL or Orange TV subscription.


For the% eighty application “Satellite Dish” to work, the phone must have the following functionalities: Gyroscope Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor (Compass), GPS Chip. Some phones, especially entry-level, do not meet these constraints.

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