IoT First

By Eutelsat Communications

IoT FirstIoT FirstIoT FirstIoT First

The IOT FIRST app for cell or laptop computer is reserved to the IoT FIRST clients installers and allows a step-by-step installation activation of the IoT FIRST Terminals. A simple and price-efficient satellite tv for pc connectivity service, IoT FIRST connects your assets no matter where they are. Once the IOT FIRST terminal is purchased, this app enables you to easily select between obtainable satellites offering protection for your current location and helps adjusting antenna pointing to improve system performances. Using the app’s easy user interface, you can view the satellite tv for pc signal energy, download and install terminal software updates, provision the terminal over-the-air and create a full set up report that can be sent instantly by mail to the particular person of your choice. If you ever have a question about your IoT FIRST s operation, the app additionally consists of a extensive choice of Frequently Asked Questions as properly as the ability to create a diagnostic log report. Connecting property has never been so easy!

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