Last War: Shelter Heroes. Survival game

By TinyBytes

Last War: Shelter Heroes. Survival gameLast War: Shelter Heroes. Survival gameLast War: Shelter Heroes. Survival gameLast War: Shelter Heroes. Survival gameLast War: Shelter Heroes. Survival game

Alternate universe. Apocalypse, triggered Worldwide War 2 almost destroyed the civilization. Take command of a few survivors in the almost destroyed underground shelter. Repair your bunker. Take the challenge to build the protected base for new survivals.

Building technique and facilities management

Develop your shelter. Construct your personal refuge from constructing blocks. Manage employees to achieve more meals, and print new cash. Make the right alternative to build and improve rooms based mostly on the amount of cash and meals.

Rescue operations

Explore the post-apocalyptic world around your shelter. Loot equipment and weapons for your arsenal in battling missions. Train your squad to equip and arm with new weapons for rescue operations. Free captives from enemy’s prisons and strengthen your squad. Save powerful weapons for hard confrontations with tanks and snipers.


ninety three A lot of different weapons and gear. Knives, pistols, assault and sniper rifles.

ninety three Story-driven marketing campaign with totally different missions for your shelter heroes.

– Underground bunker development. Improve your stronghold by building new rooms and upgrading the current ones.

ninety three Develop your troops to wear stronger armor.

Win the Last War and crush the enemy’s Army.

Take command on the last bastion of humankind. Military and survival technique game.

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