Learn (Japanese) Kana The Fun Way!

By Thylacine Studios, LLC

Learn (Japanese) Kana The Fun Way!Learn (Japanese) Kana The Fun Way!Learn (Japanese) Kana The Fun Way!Learn (Japanese) Kana The Fun Way!Learn (Japanese) Kana The Fun Way!

Ever needed to learn how to read Japanese? The first step is to learn Hiragana and “Katakana”, in any other case known collectively as “Kana ! Kana refers to the Japanese alphabet ninety three a assortment of symbols that every make a distinct sound. By stringing multiple Kana together, you can form whole phrases or even complete sentences! Learn Kana The Fun Way! is the greatest means to learn Kana, and here’s why:

- We’ll ease you into studying every Kana by slowly introducing new ones over the span of 20 marketing campaign ranges

- Test your Kana data in either Play Mode or Free Training mode

- High rating desk permits you to monitor your progress and watch yourself enhance over time

- Earn up to 14 achievements. Earn them all, and you ll have mastered Kana!

- Easy-to-learn rules, an addictive soundtrack, and enjoyable visible effects ensure the recreation will maintain your attention much longer than other products!

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