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The description of LINE Let's Get Rich

Everyone at least once in his life played in a monopoly. This is an exciting desktop entertainment, for which you can spend a few evenings in the company of close friends. The essence of the game is simple: you need to buy different streets and get passive income from them. The winner is the one who bankrupts the rest of the players. Would you like to play this quality product on your phone? Then the Android game LINE Let's Get Rich for Android is your choice, which you can download on our website!

The plot of LINE Let's Get Rich

In the near future, several people will have huge money in their hands. With their help, the heroes will try to capture the whole world and become the monopolists of all technologies. But it is not known who will come out of this struggle as a winner. After all, only one can control the entire civilization. Only the strongest.

Characters Games

The choice of gamers provided one of the stylish characters. This is not the metal figures of the original Monopoly. These are full-fledged animated models that can surprise the player with their animations. There are many characters. Some will open after winning multiple games. This adds a certain excitement. After all, everyone wants to get the full experience from a mobile toy. The choice is not only men and women, but also cute little animals. In addition, clothing and appearance can be changed at their own discretion.

Game process

The rules of the game are simple. Each player must roll the dice. Who goes first is determined by the bones. Participants take turns throwing cubes and moving the character to the number of units dropped. After that, you need to decide whether you will buy the fallen city. After each round will come passive income. In addition, if someone from the players gets on the cell with your property, then he is obliged to give a certain sum of money. The game continues until a single monopolist remains on the field.

In addition, the field has a lot of cells with various bonuses. They help slow down opponents or give a significant advantage to your character. Particularly problematic is the cell with the prison. The player will not be able to get out of it until a certain number drops on the dice. Beware of imprisonment. It can significantly spoil life.

You can play with friends on several gadgets, as well as online. There is a tournament table. All victories and defeats are entered into it. To be the first in this tournament ladder is difficult. But nothing is impossible.

The gameplay is accompanied by excellent animation. All characters gesticulate and move on an unusual transport. You can try to complement the image of your hero for inside the game currency. It can be obtained simply by taking part in the games. It does not affect the balance of the game. If you don’t want to earn long and hard, you can buy game currency for real money. This will significantly speed up the process of upgrading the hero.

Where to download the game?

  This is an exciting application LINE Let's Get Rich you can download from our website. It is completely free. All you need is to install the game on your smartphone and enjoy the gameplay.

In addition, this resource has many other interesting toys that will appeal to both adults and children. Shooters, adventures, RPG - all this can be found absolutely free and only here. So start to please not only yourself, but also your loved ones.

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