LIST3 ( Simplest Memo, Check, Expense List )

By Hansoo Labs

LIST3 ( Simplest Memo, Check, Expense List )LIST3 ( Simplest Memo, Check, Expense List )LIST3 ( Simplest Memo, Check, Expense List )

With [List three], you can easily create three lists.

◼︎ Simple memo

-Collect simple texts or write your concepts.

◼︎ Check record (Todo listing, ToDo list)

-If you have a purchasing record or a to-do listing, you should write it as a checklist!

◼︎ Expense list (expenditure list)

-You can discover out the total by creating a marriage ceremony payment, a assembly charge, and a membership payment abstract!

ninety seven ︎ Cost examine record

-You can simply see the complete value of only the checked items.

eighty five ninety eight five Features ninety eight ninety eight five

✓ Simple text can be converted and shared with SNS.

ninety three The contents can be converted into HTML, TXT file.

ninety three Print and PDF are also available.

✓ Backup by way of account

✓ You can easily verify on the home display screen with widget.

eighty five ninety eight five Samples ninety eight ninety eight five

• Impressionism Artists

•• Travel Check List

The update is getting late. The busy work continues. But I will do my greatest today. -- developer --

eighty five eighty five Using the following permissions ★ ninety eight

- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (Write information to external storage) - This want to save a file. [Optional]

- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (reading information from external storage) - This need to read publicly saved files.[Optional]

- CALL_PHONE (Dialing) - If you record phone numbers, you have the capability to connect instantly to the telephone.[Optional]

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