Listing it! - Checklist

By Ciske Boekelo

Listing it! - ChecklistListing it! - ChecklistListing it! - ChecklistListing it! - ChecklistListing it! - Checklist

Listing it! takes all your checklists to a complete new stage. Or a number of really. It permits each item in a guidelines to turn out to be a guidelines of its own, allowing you to nest them and put them all in one simple-to-navigate hierarchy. It comes with a powerful choices to import, export and share your checklists. Once you begin using it, you could just find it’s what you ve been missing to get organized.

Making checklists inside checklists is a natural thing to do. Now, with Listing it!, you can do it naturally.

Whether you're making a to do record, a grocery listing, a project activity record, or a packing checklist, or any different kind of guidelines, you'll love the hierarchical prospects that itemizing it offers and the ease with which you can make your 'tree lists'. You can nest checklists into as many ranges as you wish.


- Easy sublisting

- Marking items as done

- Priorities

- Manual sorting

- Import from pasted textual content (together with sublists)

- Import from textual content file (just open the file from your file browser app and chose Listing it!)

- Export to textual content file (sub lists are properly spaced)

- Share a record item or an whole checklist (through e-mail, social media, and so forth.)

- Check and uncheck all objects (including or excluding subitems)

- Delete checked gadgets

- Move objects and checklists to different gadgets and checklists

- Move all checked gadgets

- Shake system to reorder checklist (after altering priority or marking an merchandise as carried out)

*** Permissions ***

- Internet: only used to send anonymous information about any crashes if any happen, and to acquire anonymous usage statistics so I can figure out what components of the app I should enhance.

- SD-card: used to be able to export your lists to a text file, if you wish.

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