Jibreel Library

By elmedeen team

Jibreel LibraryJibreel LibraryJibreel LibraryJibreel LibraryJibreel Library

The main objective of the Ilm-e-Din team is to digitize Urdu religious books and to facilitate research and discovery in accordance with the requirements of the new age. Maktab Jibril Android is a link in the same chain, in which there are related books like Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, Fatawa, Dars Nizami, Islamic History and other arts like Windows Maktab, and thank God not only study the books of all these sciences. It is possible that the library is also equipped with the facility to search in all these books.

The rights of all the books are reserved in favor of the authors and publishers. The purpose of Jibril's team is only to facilitate research and exploration. The use of Jibril's library for any kind of financial gain is prohibited. جزاکم اللہ تعالی خیرا


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