Manage My Pain: Track

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Manage My Pain: TrackManage My Pain: TrackManage My Pain: TrackManage My Pain: TrackManage My Pain: Track

Chronic ache affects 1 in 5 people. It can be onerous to explain to friends, household, and doctors. It can really feel like it's taking management of your life and your mental health. Learn to conquer your persistent ache. Manage My Pain helps you and others better perceive what you are going via. It has helped 1000's of individuals with situations like fibromyalgia, headaches, arthritis, or again ache better perceive their signs and provide proof of their pain for their doctors, insurance coverage corporations, or government companies. Manage My Pain was created in partnership with business-leading pain researchers - your doctor will truly learn the stories from our app! Our day by day reflections assist people focus on their significant actions as opposed to the limitations created by their ache.

Manage My Pain will assist you:

Record how you're feeling: Easily describe your ache in much less than 30 seconds

• Understand your unique pain criteria: Fully customizable choices with each pain report let you determine components such as how your pain feels, what the elements made the ache worse, which medications assist you with your pain, and many more

• Reflect on your day: Take your mind off ache and record activities that are significant to you

Highlight patterns and tendencies: Charts and graphs describe your outcomes and get extra powerful over time

• Track how well your meds are working: Add any medicine to your profile and mark if it helps manage your pain

• Describe your ache to your doctor: Summarize your ache via distinctive stories that your physician will truly read

Developed for sufferers struggling from and care-givers or medical professionals treating:

• arthritis rheumatism

most cancers

• chronic ache

headaches migraines

• fibromyalgia

Use this pain administration app to substitute your hand-written:

ache diary

• ache journal

• pain log

• pain tracker

The Pro model adds the capability to view or report on more than the last 30 days. Reports are free to generate, nonetheless, those that comprise superior sections could require an extra credit to be bought. An optional monthly subscription can be purchased so that an limitless number of reports with advanced sections could be generated with out the want for credits.

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