My Sugar Diary-Diabetes App

By Yogesh Sanwal

My Sugar Diary-Diabetes AppMy Sugar Diary-Diabetes AppMy Sugar Diary-Diabetes AppMy Sugar Diary-Diabetes AppMy Sugar Diary-Diabetes App

This diabetes app has been designed and developed for fast and simple tracking of day by day blood glucose levels to assist in simple diabetes administration.

This app helps following features:

- Add, modify or delete every day blood sugar levels, time when take a look at was accomplished, meals and insulin dosage with remarks

- View history for specific date vary and analyze them using pie charts, tables and statistics

- Statistics provide min, max and common blood sugar, common insulin dosage and estimated HbA1c value

- Supports mmol/L and mg/dL format

- Allows user to set their personal blood glucose target values

- Uses color coding to depict high, low and normal values

- Creates report in MS Excel format that can be shared with others

We'd love to hear your feedback to develop this diabetes app additional :)

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