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The description of NBA 2K19

Imagine the sound of a ball hitting a parquet, imagine the sound of a grid swaying after a winning throw, imagine the roar of a thousand-strong army of fans supporting their favorite team in one voice. Breathtaking, isn't it? Welcome to the most realistic and exciting basketball simulator NBA 2K19, to a place where imagination becomes reality.

A series of games from the corporation 2K has firmly taken its rightful place in the hearts of players around the world. Every year a new part comes out, which introduces something new, which becomes a revolution in the series. In the new season, players will find many interesting innovations that will not leave a single fan of the game indifferent. Not without a spoon of tar, but first things first.

The next offspring of 2K-studio initially appeared only on iOS, which made all users of Android devices pretty nervous. Three weeks later, the game finally migrated to Android, what did the creators have prepared for all the fans in the new version, how does it differ from its predecessors, as well as from other mobile basketball simulators?

As always, all game modes are executed at the highest level, they are worked out in detail and are interesting for any fan of the series, every connoisseur of tournaments and battles will find the competition to his own taste. Especially in this line is worth noting absolutely new STORY mode. In addition, for the first time, players will be able to truly feel the taste of victory over live rivals by taking part in on-line matches. As always, the picture is presented at a high level, all players and forms are worked out in detail, which allows you to enjoy every minute spent in the game. The musical accompaniment of the game is also highly appreciated, the tracks of famous performers of different genres will not let you get bored and will add variety to the gameplay.

If we consider the new modes in more detail, we can note the following:

STORY is a whole anthology of the most popular and famous dynasties of the world National Basketball League. Only in this game mode, you can gather under the banners of your team all the stars, not only contemporaries, but also stars of previous generations, who firmly entered the hall of fame and made a huge contribution to the development of the league.

MyCareer mode also significantly updated and acquired new variations, now it has a new storyline, as well as a detailed relationship between the players in the team. Now the game chemistry of the team has a much greater effect on the overall result, it is necessary to take great care in choosing the composition for each particular match, even for each segment of the match, to adapt to the opponent and change the scheme in a timely manner.

This is generally worth paying special attention, since the scale of the work of developers is really impressive. Now the player can not just build a scheme and combinations on the court before the game, the player directly in the game can combine different bundles, literally in each attack using a new style of playing the game.

There are certain drawbacks in the game, which are clearly noticed by the player who opened the NBA 2K19, but the fans in the stands still look static. But the main disadvantage is in the sound of the ball, or rather in its absence, the playground’s surroundings were not fully conveyed, but on the whole the game leaves a pleasant impression, it can rightly be called a worthy representative of its genre. Download NBA 2K19 game for Android for free on our website and enjoy!

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