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The description of Neo Monsters

Neo Monsters is a MMORPG game with a very large number of monsters in an unlimited world, it has strategy elements. Player's mission is to become the first among other monster trainers!

In this game, the user will have to play the young boys, who came to the city of Othlon, being the heir to the ranch of the deceased relative, from whom he inherited a small farm. During the game, it turns out that the uncle grew not domestic animals, but very terrible monsters on the farm. The player must continue the work of his uncle, try to increase the number of monsters on the farm, and continue to take care of them.

In the Neo Monsters a very large number of different units, in total, you can display more than nine hundred different monsters with different abilities and properties. Reaching the desired level in the game and completing certain tasks, the player can fight with computer opponents and real people playing online. You can collect your squad and try to win.

In this RPG strategy, you need to perform online special rating missions, or play your own teams in epic battles against other 4v4 players; there can be up to 16 monsters of various types in a single player squad. The combat system is step-by-step, the same as in most turn-based games, which allows you to think out your tactics and strategy, you can even build a strategic chain, if you combine many of your abilities. Train the most powerful monsters and increase their strength, after which they can be taken in online battle, dominate and win, become the champion in PvP battles.

Features of the game in Neo Monsters:

-You can create your own collection of various strong and clever monsters. Animated monsters that can be captured and developed, there are more than 900 of them.

-You can train your monsters, while increasing their attack and defense characteristics.

“It is also possible to collect various ingredients on the cards in order to have maximum protection and strength.

-The game has 6 different locations, it will provide more than 60 hours of exciting gameplay.

-Can use a large variety of different strategies.

-Monsters with stun ability can block an adversary and keep attacking with Timestrike

  -There is also an opportunity to lower the health of the enemy or to put him to sleep with the Dreamhunt skill

-Can also protect your allies with the ability of Protector!

-In the battle involved 4 monsters, you can only have up to 16 monsters. If the monsters are positioned correctly, it will bring victory, and if not, the player will face a crushing defeat!

-You can build a huge strategic sequence, for this in the game there are hundreds of different combinations and abilities.

Download Neo Monsters for Android game for free on our website and become a champion in the global RPG strategy for Android!

Playing against artificial intelligence, the player will win in six leagues, and then fight for the champion title. This will provide a huge amount of time spent in exciting battles. You need to explore several islands and various dungeons on your way to victory. The player will have to follow the story of the story to find out the whole truth about the atrocities of his relative.

In this RPG strategy, Neo Monsters, great opportunities for playing online. Players from around the world compete in PvP mode! There are over one hundred different locations for players. Every week you can receive a certain bonus in the form of resources or unlocked items.

Neo Monsters is a game that will be interesting, both for fans of the MMORPG genre, and real-time strategy.

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