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The description of new basic in education and learning 3D

Psychedelic horror game new basic in education and learning 3D about the basics of schooling. Of course, the school is unusual and the approach to the disclosure of the topic is non-standard, but the theme of the game is school life. In the constant pursuit of you, there will be a bald teacher with a pointer, which he beats his arm. When it approaches, you can learn by the characteristic sound of the beats of the pointer on the palm. In the game you need to constantly learn the basics of education. In each of the rooms, there are certain tasks. The necessary class will have to be searched among other rooms and running through the maze from corridors and classrooms. Tasks in the rooms are mini applications that need to be understood and solved.

The game is made in the style of the first Wolfenstein 3D, with the same imaginary graphics of 2.5 D. Where the 3D models of characters, mostly they are just drawn pictures. It all looks funny and interesting. As you progress through the game, you must also find ways to bypass the enemies that may attack you. In order to pass through them without obstacles, you need to learn the tactics of moving these characters. Try to survive as long as possible to complete the game to the end. Since the main goal of the game is to find out the secrets of the teachers. Someone will constantly bother you, for example it can be an annoying cleaner or someone worse. While solving mini problems in classrooms, you can make a mistake and then Baldi teacher will really scare you.

Control of the game is simple, the graphic components are specific, funny and strange. And the music and sounds just fascinate. In the ratio of all of the above, such a simple game acquires a terrifying atmosphere and forces one to accept the conditions of hopelessness. The sounds of the game give a special way to respond to the player. Hearing the sound behind the beats of the pointer increase, you unwittingly start to run to the nearest door or turn. I do not want to look back. And at certain times, when it seems that there is no one nearby, the sharp pop of the door behind you quickly convinces you to the opposite. So before the game, get ready for screamers in advance.

Based on the existing characters, the varying difficulty levels in mini games and the number of laptops that need to be found, not everyone will be able to play to the end. After all, while you are constantly someone will follow and, if possible, to attack. Download the game new basic in education and learning 3D for Android on your mobile device absolutely free on our website.

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