Paint the Cube

By Popcore Games

Paint the CubePaint the CubePaint the CubePaint the CubePaint the Cube

In Paint The Cube, it’s your job to navigate colourful paths through a maze by portray lines. But right here’s the tricky half - the maze is unfold out over a dice, and you can’t see the place the finish of the path is!

Swipe up, down, left and proper to spread colourful paths around the dice. It’s tremendous satisfying to watch the dice twist and flip as you paint it with colour. But watch out - it will get trickier as more paths seem! So make sure you don’t go away any path unpainted, or else you will need to retrace your steps to solve the puzzle!

Which path will you take to make it to the finish of the maze? It’s your job to suppose outdoors of the box (or cube!) to make positive you complete every tricky problem. As you full extra ranges, you unlock more beautiful colors and patterns to paint with.

It’s you against the cube - have you received what it takes?

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