Pango One Road : logical labyrinth for children

By Studio Pango

Pango One Road : logical labyrinth for childrenPango One Road : logical labyrinth for childrenPango One Road : logical labyrinth for childrenPango One Road : logical labyrinth for childrenPango One Road : logical labyrinth for children

With PANGO One Road, you have to be smart to make your personal means!

Gosh! Mole dug holes on all the islands of the archipelago!

Make a means and help Pango plug up the holes.

But be careful, the paths should not cross!

It's up to you to discover out the right layout.

On the method, make Friends and choose up Gifts that will increase Pango's assortment of great disguises!

Pango One Road teaches the logic and anticipation of your actions.

The objective is simple, and the difficulty tailored and rising to learn at your personal pace.


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- Learn logics

- Anticipate one's actions

- Over 70 fun challenges

- 7 colorful universes

- An tailored and increasing stage of problem

- For 4 year-previous children

- A simple and practical software

- Increasing stage of difficulty to study at one's own tempo

- No stress, no time limit, no competitors

- Internal parental controls

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