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The description of PES 2019 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER

PES 2019 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER - game for the Androyd operating system First of all, I must say that the developers highly recommend downloading the game via Wi-Fi. Every fan of football computer games will appreciate the game version for mobile devices; The game is almost as good as the console version! The new engine PES 2019 has been adapted for mobile devices, now all the football battles the player has in his hand. More than 8000 players of high quality animation, each team has its own style of play. All this makes the mobile version of PES 2019 a game that is not inferior to the console version. The movement physics of the ball has been improved, which makes the game even more fascinating, the intensity of gaming passions is assured!

Also, any gamer will notice that the behavior and characteristics of the nature of the players have become more noticeable than in previous versions of the game. This was made possible by the addition of new tactics and personal skills of each player, as well as an animated celebration of goals scored. In addition, the engine UNREAL ENGINE 4 will help each player to feel and experience all the critical moments of this wonderful game with an unprecedented quality of graphics.

With PES 2019, a player can fight with his comrades, or challenge the entire globe! In PES 2019 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER, you can play one player against another by entering the Local Match mode, or creating a personal tournament by collecting your friends and entering the Local League mode. Long distances are no longer an obstacle for anyone; in Match mode with a friend, you can easily select any player from the list of comrades and play a friendly match with him! As soon as the player realizes that he has already surpassed all his acquaintances in skill, he can call users from any country of the world to the match by entering the online match mode. Now you need to prepare your team to participate in super competitions, in which you can win various awards and receive various privileges that allow you to train your players and achieve superiority over the whole world.

The game now has licenses for new leagues.

There were 12 new leagues from different parts of the globe. As a European league in PES 2019, a new Russian league appeared, which debuted with leagues from other European countries. In addition, there were leagues from South American countries: Chile and Argentina. And of course in PES 2019 there appeared leagues from Japan, China and the Thai League. Given all this, the player can turn on all his fantasy to create the team he dreams of!

There are new legends.

World-famous football stars such as Beckham or Romario, as well as many other stars of the football Olympus will continue to play PES 2019. In addition to these legendary players, other world football stars will appear with game updates, this will allow users to assemble a super team of the best players of the past and present!

Game developers have announced the appearance of a limited series of selected players soon. The list of this series will include players who have played excellently in previous rounds. They will receive high ratings, which will be based on the matches played, and they will have new personal abilities. In addition, throughout the season you can get access to the original versions of the players from the most famous teams, such as Barcelona or Liverpool. Players also should not forget that it is necessary to appear in the game at least once a week and receive bonuses.

Here we have listed the most important innovations, of course this is not all. Play with friends and with players around the world, enjoy the turbulent emotions and victories! Download the game PES 2019 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER for Android on our website.

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