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The description of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a remake of the classic Ragnark Online, created for the PC, with updated graphics and a control system adapted for touch screens. This way, you can navigate, interact with other characters, and attack with simple touch gestures.

In 2002, Ragnark Online (RO), with its fascinating artistic style, melodic music and rich gameplay, became popular throughout the world. RO has achieved great success in South Korea, Japan, China, North America and Europe. Since its launch, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has received tremendous support in China, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries, where it heads the iOS and Android download lists. Ragnarok M brings classic RO elements to the mobile platform.

Open World

Ragnarok M includes more than 40 maps and five classic RO cities: Prontera, Geffen, Payon, Morrok and Glast Heim, as well as many field maps. Adventurers can visit any corner of Rung Midgard of their choice, heading to the southern gate of Prontera. Once players arrive in a new area, they will be able to highlight a small grid on the map. Unlocking additional services, such as storage and transfer, can be achieved by communicating with the NPC. A variety of tasks and Easter eggs will be waiting for players when they begin to explore the world.

Unite, grow together

As in the original Ragnark Online, in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, each adventure seeker will have many classes to choose from. You have the opportunity to choose one of six available character classes:

the novice.

As you level up, in addition to enhancing the attributes of the hero, you can also develop the abilities of your class. For example, you can turn a novice into a priest. Subclasses such as knight, priest and hunter offer their own unique features. Each class brings a unique gaming experience for traveling players. Playing together with other classes gives players additional advantages and more opportunities to explore the world.


As in the case of other MMORPGs, the core of the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love game is to perform consecutive individual missions, although you can also participate in missions with teams of up to six online players. In fact, this is important for large missions.


Guild formation together with friends and the struggle for the honor of the guild is the central part of Ragnarok M. As the guilds gain achievements throughout their adventures, these achievements are recorded on the Guild Wall so that all members can see and remember them.
< br> Adventure Guide

Adventure Guide is a valuable resource that players can use during their travels. Defeated monsters, discovered non-player characters, explored locations, and collected items are recorded in players in their Adventure Guides. Players can take a look at any record or item they received during their adventures.


In Ragnarok M each player is provided with a pet, accompanying him in adventures. Players can communicate with their pets and take care of them, making them ideal travel companions.

Joint Adventures

Players can travel hand in hand with their close friends in Ragnarok M by entering hand hold mode. Entering the hand holding mode opens up additional poses and emoticons for players so that they can express themselves. Hand holding mode allows players to express their feelings of their choice and is not limited to couples of the opposite sex.

You can download the game Ragnarok M: Eternal Love for Android on our website.

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