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The description of Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG

Ravensword: Shadowland is a game that plunges people into the big world of magical fantasy. This RPG did not let the players down. And this is not surprising, since the studio that developed the Aralon series of games was engaged in development. The developer proposes to evaluate the level of the game for a little more than $ 8, which is quite a decent payment for a project of this level.

The game was released in 2013 on the Android mobile platform. The level of graphics and the mechanics of the game itself were associated by many gamers with the games of the TES series (and there is also a reference to the shot-out knee). And it was not necessary to devote himself to the passage of tasks, because there is a whole world available for research and a considerable bestiary. Quite realistic ragdoll physics, as in the same “scrolls”, and the music of composer Sean Bison became an excellent addition to the pleasant picture, both from the first and third person. That's just the graphics settings are not provided, but there is a drawing distance and sensitivity of the screen and the ability to turn off music or sounds, or all at once.

As for the plot, the developers offer a deep and thoughtful main quest and minor side quests. The list of weapons is impressive: bows, crossbows, hammers, swords and axes. There is horse riding and fight on horseback. Elements of stealth and pickpocketing add entourage in the RPG of near-medieval fantasy themes. In addition to offenses, there is a system of prison sentences and reputations.

Among other things - the game has the spirit of the old school. If in 2013, and even more so in 2018, such a game on a PC can only be an indie project, then at the beginning of the century the game would be a masterpiece: a huge amount of text, the absence of some marks on the map, a small number of organizations and a fierce imbalance at the beginning games when the hero is not pumped yet. At least in difficult situations a difficulty slider can help.

Start, like other games of this genre, is tied to the hero's chosen one. Before the start of the game there is a small training, which is part of the plot, where a battle between humans and dark elves takes place, and the main character is the only survivor. The character editor does not have rich capabilities: there is only a human race to choose from and there is no choice of gender, the customization of the hero in creating a little smoothes out this unpleasant moment. Among the settings of the appearance is available hair color, hairstyle, beard, eyebrows, face sizes. After creating a character, the hero finds himself in a far from the place of battle institution, where he is given a starting set of armor and weapons. From this point on, all the adventures begin. Crafting is absent, but armor can be improved, and during the passage the reputation does not in any way affect what is happening.

The most difficult and unbalanced system is skills. There are 4 directions: main, magic, combat and thieves. Several useful abilities that open to the middle of the game. But let's refer to the spirit of the old school and say that it should be so. There is only one large city, and so is the guild. The passage does not take a lot of time, but after completing the game you will want to explore this extraordinary world again.

The technical specifications required to launch the game in 2013 could then seem overwhelming for most smartphones: operating system version 4.0+ and higher, 600+ MB of free memory on the device and 512+ MB of RAM. In 2018 even the cheapest budget phone will be able to pull the game at the maximum graphics settings. Download the game Ravensword: Shadowland for Android, you can on our website!

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