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The description of Redsun RTS Premium

Redsun RTS Premium is an unsurpassed, most brilliant example of the classic RTS strategy that will immerse the player in a world of exciting, unfairly forgotten, strategic games. It has improved a lot compared to the old games, but kept the classic style, which makes it convenient for fans of computer reality battles, immersing you in those memories and feelings that you once experienced playing such games. Originality and classics are combined in Redsun RTS Premium.

In the game you have to, as the name of the genre itself says, to build various types of troops in virtual reality, fight with them, build a base, collect ore, plan and carry out assaults, strengthen the defense right on the battlefield, and also form the game that determines its outcome will make you a winner. You can choose any opposing group with your strengths and weaknesses. You have a large number of different military equipment: these are airplanes, helicopters, and tanks with their own properties and the power of the strike. But in order to win, it will not be enough just to choose the weapons you like, it will be necessary to correctly place the equipment on the battlefield.

High-quality bright picture of the game is achieved through the use of 2D graphics, therefore, to whom not only the essence of the strategy is important, but the design and clarity of the picture, this is the game for you. Enhancing the realism and entertainment from explosions and destruction in fights, the developers used the particle technique. The graphical part of Redsun RTS Premium for Android can not be compared, perhaps, with any other strategy, although the creators still have to work on the animation. Those who have played good old strategies at least once, for example, Red Alert or Tiberian Sun, will enjoy the interface and will not cause any inconvenience. The absence of changes is certainly a plus, but the improvement in the form of a button for selecting several units was a nice addition from the creators of the game.

Redsun RTS Premium is a paid version of the game that will allow the player to enjoy the process without annoying ads. Also the full version allows you to pass missions with the missing Internet and carry out missions for the former USSR.

The game has earned a great recognition, which can be said about the number of users and their reviews. The new version has been corrected many of the incorrectness, which made the game a first-class strategy. The changes affected the interface, fixed the errors of hanging up the hatch during active actions and management of clans and profiles. In the new version, you can find out the statistics of each player on the units created by him, as well as the statistics on each type of unit who created more units of this type. The strategy also received such a feature as clans and their chats. Developers manage to hear the wishes of users, which is a big advantage. Every day they communicate with the players and identify the weak points of their game, subsequently correcting them and making the game exemplary. The difference from other games is that you can create any number of units and buildings. In the strategic game there is a system of achievements and medals, which is also positively evaluated by users. All achievements, upgrades and learning of new units are only available online.

Team play, rating battles, new functions along with classic control, territory capture, one-touch base building, grandiose equipment: from airplanes and tanks to transformer robots. the best snipers, grenade launchers and engineers, nuclear explosions and amazing weapons - all this and much more awaits the player as soon as he downloads the Redsun RTS Premium for Android strategy for free on our website.

Best of luck in battles, play and win!

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