Rise of Queendom


Rise of QueendomRise of QueendomRise of QueendomRise of QueendomRise of Queendom


Rise of Queendom - Royal Life Simulation Game

Immerse into the ancient palace, with elaborate fashions, numerous costumes, and beautiful makeup. A queen's real life is presenting to you. Wander through the palace and experience the royal love affair. Awaken your inside energy and rise from a woman to a queen. A new legend is ready for you to write.


Royal Heirs - Parenting Like a Queen

Good information! Heirs are reside now! Look how adorable they are! It is never straightforward to increase children but witnessing their develop-up will be tremendous candy for sure. Are you prepared to welcome your new family members?

Stylish Costumes - Dress up Like a Queen

Cute, sweety, or mature...acquire all types costumes and enrich your royal closet by finishing quests. Make up, coiffure, jewelry, accent... all in your own fashion.

Intriguing Storyline - Experience Like a Queen

Legend continues. Make choices and management your destiny. With twin narrative to unfold how the story goes. The intriguing plots and distinctive NPCs will affect your coronary heart in every way. Experience a queen's rise in this playable harem drama.

Delicate Scene - Shine Like a Queen

The elaborate scene and view in the sport relive a vivid historic palace world throughout 1000's of years. The beautiful constructions and lively imperial gardens will convey you back to the royal age. Every angle is completely different scenery and price exploring. It's not only a visual feast however also a stage for you to shine.

Sweet Home - Live Like a Queen

Interact with different players in varied informal games and construct a fancy mansion. Simulate a actual queen's life and make pals with actual gamers. Live a totally different royal life in your personal queendom!

Royal Romance - Embrace Like a Queen

Your destined one is right in the Queendom. The particular marriage system provides you a chance to take pleasure in the royal relationship. Dating, sending flowers, and couple interaction, embrace a queen's love affair with the ONE.

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